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Analysis of The Overall Demand for Global Plastics Machinery

Overall, global demand for plastics machinery showed a trend of sustained growth, faster growth in individual regions. According to the U.S. industrial market research firm Freedonia observation, the United States and Japan, demand for plastics processing equipment market will re-show signs of recovery, the Western European market demand will increase again in 2009.

  The study also said that China, India, Brazil and Russia promising sales of plastics processing equipment. Turkey, the Czech Republic and Iran and other developing countries and regions, thanks to steady economic growth, industrialization, and personal income continued to push forward, the demand for plastics processing equipment will also grow.

  According to the research data shows that by 2010, global plastics machinery, from the current annual demand of 20.5 million increase to 276,000 units. Demand accounts for about 38% of injection molding machines, extrusion machines account for about 23% of demand, the demand for blow molding machine about 6%, and other demand accounts for about 33% of plastic machinery.

  The amount of demand from the plastics machinery, plastics machinery and equipment worldwide demand for places will be an annual increase rate of 3.5%, by 2010 demand amounted to 29.2 billion, of which about 15 billion U.S. dollars injection molding machines, extrusion unit accounted for about 4.9 billion dollars, blow molding machine about 14 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about 7.9 billion of other presses.